Innovation, ergonomics and precision are the principles that have supported the creation of the TDCS series of screwdrivers with a torque range from 0.3 to 10 Nm


The BAMASON series of TDCS screwdrivers has been specially designed to offer maximum comfort and versatility in every use. In the version with pistol grip these screwdrivers were in fact designed for air supply in 3 different points and with lever reversibility in proximity of the start button: to use the screwdriver in the best condition depending on the dimensions of the component and the operating layout and for a practical and fast change of rotation since the button and lever can be operated with the same hand.
They are also available with a straight or angled handle, with pressure start buttons or progressive triggers.
The range only includes clutches with a torque control system shut-off

The range includes both tools with shut-off clutch and tools with a cushion or direct clutch

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