1/5/7 Series - Angle Type

Ergonomics, precision and low eccentricity in rotation are the factors that distinguish the 1/5/7 series drills. Born from the great experience matured for years at the service of the aeronautical market, the 1/5/7 series drills are the ideal tool for those looking for a reliable, precise and long-lasting tool in performance.



With the best power / weight ratio, the 1/5/7 series drills provide easy handling and versatility of use in any work situation.

The product line for drilling includes models of straight, pistol and angle drills. The 1/5/7 series of industrial drilling machines represents the best synthesis of ergonomics and safety in terms of drilling. Designed for applications with a high utilization factor, they stand out for their lightness and maneuverability and allow a very high level of drilling. Reversible industrial pneumatic drills are available; whose double direction of rotation makes it possible to perform combined drilling operations

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