1/2 SQ Drive LOV (Loss Of Vibrations) Impact Sockets 100 mm Long

The best quality of a screwing compass can be found in the ability to withstand the greatest number of impact blows generated by the tools, by the precision with which the coupling between the exit shaft of the screwdriver and the drive (square drive) of the compass and the quality of the material in which the compass is made.
The OZAT compasses by Airtechnology are made with special processes that combine the traditional electroerosions in a special chemical bath. This process gives the bushes characteristics of resistance to wear and strength to use unique in the market.


The OZAT compasses are offered in a range of configurations among the most complete on the market with connections from 3/8 “to 3-1 / 2” both in the standard version and in the LOV version (less vibrations) for specific use with electronic tools high precision and with 4, 6 or 12-point connections, both with metric and inch sizes.
All Ozat compasses can be magnetizable and special compasses can be made on request for specific needs even in single sampling.

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